paula pluck

As the founder of SMARTfoundations life enhancing initiatives, Paula Pluck works with a variety of clients who are passionate about bringing more meaning into their professional and personal life.  Clients range from manager – and director – level employees, to consultants, coaches, and entrepreneurs. Paula also works with professionals in transition, helping them realign their purpose and drive to create a more powerful version of living.

What all these clients have in common is the courage to embrace their intuition and the commitment to act upon it, providing a dynamic foundation for transformative action, professional success, and personal contentment and joy.

At SMARTfoundations we believe that inspiring people to ‘always be true to themselves and their values’ is the cornerstone to our success.  To be in a position to bring this to life for people, both professionally and personally, is a wonderful opportunity and there is no greater motivation for us.

The majority of Paula’s career has been focused on helping people to adjust to change.  First as a Graduate of Business Administration leading to the profession of management consultant and later as an author and columnist and lecturer is the field of organisational and personal development and spiritual unfoldment.  She is the author of ‘If I change so can the world,’ ‘The Mindful Well-being Coach Programme,’ ‘The Mindful Happiness Coach Programme and ‘You’ve Got The Power.’

Her passion is to promote wellness, contentment, success, health and happiness.  She has practiced meditation and mindfulness for 27 years as part of a spiritual community, The White Eagle Lodge and she led services, absent and contact healing groups, meditation and discussion groups as a leader/facilitator regionally for 21 years.  The Lodge which is based on gentle, yet profound universal spiritual truths; explores essential spirituality on a path of love, tolerance and service towards all life;  towards the development of inner peace, and the awareness of our eternal, spiritual nature.

Her devotional path led to her founding SMART foundations Institute of Mindful Well-being Teacher Training. developing training for a secular audience and in the last 17 years she has taught 1000s of people to share the magic of meditation and mindfulness as competency based practice to enhance the well-being of all.

A key part of her work is helping people move beyond fear, anxiety and worry by improving self-belief; resilience; transforming self-talk through giving people the understanding that they have a say in their levels of health,  well-being and success by how they think, act and speak.

Paula is a keen advocate of Self Care and Self Management and supports Health Promotion in society and thinks all people deserve a say in their individual Health and Well-being.   She has had the privilege of training with His Holiness the Dalai Lama; is also a Yoga Teacher with Sadhana Yoga School; see Robert Holden as a spiritual mentor and has trained in Success, Happiness and Lovability Coaching with Robert.  Over the years Paula has Endorphin Effect Coaching with William Bloom, EFT with Karl Dawson and Hypnotherpy, CBT and NLP with a variety of providers.

Thoughts on Paula’s work – testimonials…

“Paula Pluck who runs SMART foundations Mindfulness, Wellbeing, Resilience & Heartfulness Teacher Training is the most beautiful, heart-centred teacher and mentor and friend who has supported me so hugely over the years to enable me to stand in my truth, be empowered and fully heart-centred so that I can share this intuitive, peaceful way of being with many others.”
Jacqui Howe – Founder Springwood Mindfulness Sanctuary  2020
Paula is a fabulous teacher! Her courses are very well structured and dynamic with a good balance of theory, experiences and practices. She makes everyone feel at ease and confident, she is very gentle and kind, she clearly practices and masters the art of mindfulness. I thoroughly enjoyed both the courses I took (mindfulness meditation and relaxation – resilience and well being at work), learnt so much and met wonderful people. Both times, the group dynamic was lovely. I highly recommend Smart Foundations and am looking forward to keep on deepening my practice and knowledge with Paula’s workshops.

Steph Peltier – Happiness expert, Inspirational Speaker & Divorce Coach, founder of the Happily Ever After Programs 2018 

“Paula is a phenomenal teacher and coach and her work is truly transformational.  Her teaching, mentoring and modelling of her vision and truth is inspirational, I have been one of the lucky receipts of so many of her courses and my wonderful life now is largely a testament to the value of her style of coaching , fantastic support and teaching which is remarkably effective down to earth and transformative.”
Augustina Tetsola – Founder Life Angel Coaching Academy 2020

I first met Paula after a long search for a meditation and mindfulness teacher training course. I was delighted to stumble across SMART Foundations. Not only were the prices really reasonable but when I first spoke to Paula she was warm, friendly and helpful. I am immediately felt good about attending her courses. I have now attended a few courses with Paula and I can’t speak highly enough about her warmth, professionalism and integrity. I will be doing many more courses with Paula in the future and highly recommend her.

Caroline Bennet – Founder Coach and Mentor at The Advanced Attraction Company 2018

“Paula you’re truly the most amazing Teacher, I recommend your courses to everyone, you change peoples life for the better”
Veronica France – Executive Coach and Entrepreneur 2020
Your courses are amazing !! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND! The way you teach is highly transformative and inspirational. I
Would like to do the four courses I have done with you all over again as the experience is just wonderful!
Lisa Jane Murphy – School Teacher 2020

“Training with Paula was a rich and rewarding experience, which changed
the way I work with others and supported me through a time of personal
transition. I was touched by her warmth and compassion and inspired by her
presence. Without hesitation I recommend her both as a personal coach and a

Emma CollinsWell-being Coach 2014

“There are a few people that we meet in the world that leave one feeling truly richer
for knowing them. Paula is such a person. I found her teaching to be based on
sound scientific principles without the loss of her humanity. I would recommend
her courses and supervision to any student who would like to take their practice
to the next level as a practitioner in mindfulness and meditation.”

Melanie HillPsychotherapist  2012

“Paula has God on Speed dial! I Can’t think of anyone who would not benefit from her work”

Naomi – Bikram studio owner – 2014

“Paula is a compassionate & adaptive trainer in mindfulness and is able to personalise her training to any area which would
benefit from this healthful and evidence based medium of reducing levels of
anxiety and stress, whether that be in a work based situation or personal. Her
training on how to “teach” our clients is clear, concise and fun to
do. I would certainly recommend her to any business or centre of health care
who are interested in mindfulness.”

Karen WilliamsOccupational Therapist Combat Stress

“I attended a recent Mindfulness Coaching workshop by Paula.  She is an inspirational presenter, sharing
her wisdom and in-depth knowledge of Mindfulness and Meditation with clarity.
She has an extremely engaging style.  The amount I learned in just two days was amazing and I feel buoyed up with
confidence and eager to put my learning into practice both professionally and
personally I wholeheartedly recommend Paula and her courses”

Beverley HarperCoach and BACAP CBT Teacher

“Paula is one of the best trainers I have worked
with. Her style will be excellent for both corporate companies or smaller
groups and employers wishing to show a caring attitude towards their employees.
Paula’s course on Relaxation, Meditation and Mindfulness is a caring and gentle
way of approaching stress related problems that arise both in the work place
and in individuals seeking help. It is a refreshing approach to health and
well-being in our modern society”

Peggy AnsellTraining co-ordinator

“Paula is a skilled & insightful trainer who reads group dynamics expertly &

delivers top quality training with life changing results.”

Anne Murray Train the Trainer Massage and Well-being

“Paula makes teaching fun, inventive and gets the
student to look outside the box, by attending training with Paula I have learnt
so much and have been able to write and produce a full years Mindful package
with exercise experiences that my groups can follow, without Paula’s guidance I
would never have achieved all of this. I would highly recommend Paula for all
your training needs.”

Julie Court Mental Health worker

I found Paula very knowledgeable about her subject
and easy to get along with. I use mindfulness on a regular basis, for myself
and for my clients. Teaching “mindful eating” to clients who wish to
lose weight is extremely beneficial, whilst “mindfulness and relaxation
techniques” are superb tools to teach clients suffering with the effects
of stress. I recommend Paula’s courses to anyone. Thank you Paula”

Jo Wortley Director PTP