Are You Listening to Your Soul?

Do you want the Abundance Of  Soul Living?

Soul living means having a different relationship with yourself, one from the inside out.  Even when we feel a bit disconnected and exhausted by life.  It starts with surrendering to the divine in you.  The abundance of our Soul is available right now.  Soul living is not something that’s chosen for some people, it’s a choice that you get to make deeply within yourself.

It is about being bold enough and brave enough to stand up to be seen

To say ‘I’m here for a reason. I’m going to choose to do things differently.  Even if no one in my family has walked this path, even if everyone around me thinks I’m crazy, I choose to live from my Soul right now.’

It does not matter where your starting point is. Your vision for your life may look nothing like the reality you are in, but you are choosing now.  Even if it feels light years away from you trying to hustle and control your personality, you can start rewiring your brain for Soul living now. Choosing your reality means getting into the feeling vibration of that reality in this present moment. So, it can come through you and out into the world.

Viewing life from the Presence of our Soul is beyond the rights and wrongs of duality, there is only unity and love.  When it happens, it feels natural, it’s what we’ve been creating and getting comfortable with and it feels right. For me, there was the peace, love, joy, and gratitude, and there was the aliveness that I had been choosing over and over and over again to become my reality was so natural when it arrived.

This is your invitation to get clear and specific with what you want.  To get precise with this and get into a place where you’re choosing this every minute, every breath if you need to.

Noticing when you feel trapped in anxiety, stress or control and remembering you’ve pulled out of that way of being

You’re not choosing to live from your Sole nature anymore.  Each time you simply come back. You remind yourself ‘Oh yeah, OK. I’m coming back to my centre. I’m coming back to this place of conscious choice. I am consciously co-creating with my Soul now.  The fullness of your Soul doesn’t get to show up for you unless you choose it to.

A friend and I were chatting about why some people hit success and others don’t. Say two people lose everything who seemed to have the same success on the outside.  One person ends up homeless on the street, addicted and the other gets back up and rebuilds their reality even more powerful than it was before.  The difference between these two people, who looked the same on the outside, is they had different unconscious beliefs, about what is possible for them.  You see we don’t always get in life what we dream about, but we do get what we believe is possible for us.  Your thoughts are golden, they become your reality.

Your Soul is fully abundant.  Take a look around your life right now and where there is a lack, that will be based on the dictates of your learnt behaviour and not your Soul.  We have everything we need right now to change our lives.   

We just need to excavate back to the original abundance of the Soul  

I love this because changing our conditioning is within our control, we can raise our standard of living now. If your finances don’t look as healthy as you’d like, it’s because somewhere along the line your conditioning set a standard for you, and you can change that standard right now.

Neuroscience tells us we can dream big

I always tell my clients to ask for more than enough finances, so they feel safe in their nervous system; and can live with an open heart, thereby magnetising more inner and outer wealth to themselves. You can make precise goals choosing to change your standards.  Yes, you can state, ‘I’m happy, I’m grateful for all the wonderful results I have in my life right now with money. However, to stay anchored in my Soul, I am raising my abundance standards. I am ready to increase my wealth to allocate more resources in the world.  Get curious about what this looks like, knowing that if you’re connecting to your bigger vision, your dreams and your ideal reality with money, this is a nudge from your Soul.

If it wasn’t in your timeline, if it hadn’t already happened at some point in your future, you wouldn’t want it!  This is the same spiritual concept of ‘wanting to become what we already are!’  It is so playful it changes the dynamic completely.  If your Soul hadn’t chosen it for you in this lifetime you wouldn’t desire it, you wouldn’t be excited by it, you wouldn’t write it down in your journal, you just wouldn’t be inspired by it.

You know this right?  If someone suggests you try out something, you say things like ‘It’s not for me, I’m not inspired by that. Or ‘Hell Yes!’ We all have our blueprint to work from.  Whatever goal you feel lit up by and you’re excited about means, spiritually at some level it’s happened.  Now your job is to align yourself to it, to become the alchemist and shift your inner reality to pull that future reality into the now.  This is the love that is your true power, and this is where the magic starts to happen.

You get to be the alchemist mastering your energy. Take the gross metal of your conditioning and turn it into the glowing gold of your Soul’s abundanceThis energy is outside of time and space and it’s ready right now for you to draw upon. 

Can you remember all of your wonderful dreams and visions are your Soul inviting you into a more free and loving relationship with the divine, yourself and others? It is all so good, and you are so worth things getting supernatural. Miracles will show up for you unpredictably and unexpectedly, in Soul Living you become a magnet for wonderful happenings in your life.  Get ready to receive!

All your desires, dreams and visions are your Soul whispering its time for freedom. The big question is Are you listening to your Soul?

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