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Hi, I’m Paula

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Founder of SMARTfoundations Institute of Wellbeing. I specialise in teacher training for Coaches, Therapists, Teachers, HR Professionals and those in the Wellness Industry.

I am passionate about demystifying the process of transformation both professionally and personally.  I do this by putting the science of possibility and the proven benefits of meditation, mindfulness, somatic practices, and positive psychology at the heart of all our protocols.  With our coaching courses, you grow in enhanced intuition, alignment to vision, unshakeable confidence and inner peace.

There is a revolution in the elevation of personal and cultural consciousness. It is happening to us all right now and it’s demanding that we look for more passion, presence, purpose and vitality in our lives!  

Are you ready to engage with curious, courageous, compassionate awareness in your coaching business?

If so, let me guide you to do just that. I have developed many coaching courses to support your transformational educational process. By using the latest scientific discoveries and the unlimited power of spiritually awakened practices, we will work together on transforming your life and ultimately positively impacting the world.

The success driven protocols we will work on are experiential, effective, and efficient – resulting in lasting personal and professional change! Our transformational coaching courses, techniques, and teacher training programmes create a heart-centred and fulfilling business for you and your clients, by giving you the tools to empower the power in you!

Smart Foundations Paula Pluck

Take your coaching business to the next level and support the ever-increasing demand in people awakening to new possibilities…

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