SMARTfoundations resilience and well-being training provides, step by step, easy to apply principles for creating a formula for health, happiness, resilience and well-being in your life.  We show you how to take charge of your mind and build powerful self-belief through cultivating a positive mental attitude; maintaining perspective; connecting to yourself and others; being open minded and flexible and developing a sense of personal peace and contentment.

We share principles that move beyond mental toughness into the arena of inner contentment.  There are times in life we all need the skills of “bouncing back” when the pressure gets too much e.g. after stressful organisational and life events such as significant change, recession, redundancy, bereavement, illness, stress, adversity and financial difficulties.  The concept ‘of people are like teabags – put them into hot water and the stronger they get’ embraces the idea without adversity we can’t know how strong we are.

What can I learn?  Our training combines building resilience with strategies to create meaning in and at work. It helps people uncover their own answers to the questions we all have about work and life:

  • How can I best deal with my negative feelings about myself, other people or situations?
  • How can I connect and engage to create more meaning in my work and my life?
  • How can I create a work home life balance?
  • How can I learn to make more time and to say NO?
  • How can I gain energy and reduce stress?
  • How can I generate more positive feelings and develop optimistic view of my life?
  • What are the best techniques to reduce feelings of stress and frustration?
  • What are the principles of building stronger levels of resilience in my life?
  • What changes can I make to my thinking to create great health and wellbeing results?
  • What are my unique talents and strengths and how can I build on them?
  • What techniques can I use to support the development of resilience in colleagues, family members and friends?
  • How can I develop the ‘feel good’ factor at work and at home?
  • How can I improve my personal and professional relationships.

Outcomes:  The training is about the art of self care, transforming your life one step at a time.  It highlights how caring for ourselves deeply and deliberately has the knock on effect of caring for others in healthier more supportive ways.  Our training challenges you to alter your mental patterns, reframe your life and embrace positive lasting change, which will nurture your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health.    At the heart of this training is the strong belief that we can influence the direction of our life and that the inevitable problems encountered along life’s journey can be solved.