1. Mindfulness is an amazing tool for sharpening your focus, concentration, and self care. With mindfulness we are in touch with our thoughts and feelings, so we get to check in on what ‘is’ for us.

2. The awareness leads us a position of power, where we get to choose our responses, mindfulness turns the ‘light on’ within us and enhance the quality of communications and relationships.

3. Our improved relationship with others is due to the clarity of thinking mindfulness gives us and this clarity in turn enhances our intentions.

4. When we are clear about our intentions we become more productive in life and when we have a handle on our thoughts and feelings we begin to realize that Self Care begins with us.  We begin to make the home of our mind a safe haven for us to be.  Beyond safety we experience a transformation in our thinking that empowers success in our life.

5. This sense of optimism, success and contentment lead to a beautiful deeper sense of peace of mind and well-being.

6. As we become aware of our thoughts and feelings we develop the skills of stress mastery and begin to live a happier and calmer existence.  Essentially we use are awareness to retrain the mind or become the observer of our automatic responses.

7. My making our mind quiet we begin to empty our life of the ‘mindless chatter’ that can so often dominate and develop space within ourselves for insight and wisdom.  This insight often leads to a sense of flow and a deeper understanding of our intuitive nature.

8. When step into our intuitive awareness we awaken our authenticity and operate more from a sense of ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’.   We enhance the level of heart, soul, and caring in our lives and work.

9. Mindfulness leads to increased resilience with life’s ups and downs, as each time we connect to our inner strength we develop more resilience around life and recognize ‘this too will pass.’  We also recognize the transient nature of life and that our level of kindness and connection with those we meet and know determine us more that what we might have.

10. We also begin to sense the ‘big picture’ and respect the magic of our nature and our ability to forge positive change and create happiness, success and well-being in our lives.  We develop a sense of wonder at the world around us which increases are respect for the sacredness of life and develops self love and self acceptance in our lives.