The Essential Transformational Coach Training for Spiritual Awakening 

Paula Pluck Transformational Coach Training in Spiritual Awakening

A Leading-Edge Consciousness Training Program
Transformational Coaching Certified Teacher Training for Spiritual Awakening
20/21 January 2024


Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Connect to your quantum self. Learn how to master your mind and have a greater awareness of the influences of your subconscious mind.

  • Understand spiritual awakening at the human and Soul level.
  • Understand the Quantum Field and how to elevate/align yourself to it.
  • Activate and access the hypnotic brain wave of Alpha/Theta and Gamma.
  • Communicate how presence and science are keys to unlocking your potential to transform all key areas for growth.

Accelerate neuroplasticity in reconditioning the mind and body. Learn how to profoundly enhance your mental ability by understanding the brain.

  • Understand how to change your state of being and develop new neuropathways.
  • How mastering neuroplasticity can transform your life.
  • Create mind, heart and gut coherence for the new story of your life.
  • Transform wounds of negative/anxious thought patterns into wisdom.

Spiritual awakening, bringing science and soul together for unlimited potential.

  • Learn the six attitudinal states of spiritual mentoring for Soul living.
  • Skills and techniques to elicit hypnotic protocols.
  • Move perception of reality from fear-based survival mode to heart-open creation mode.
  • How to access the Soul’s matrix to speed up results in your business and life.
  • Unlock the magic and miracles of your Quantum Self to co-create with elevated consciousness.

Learn neurology, compassionate enquiry and somatic regulation to meet wounds.

  • Release the three personality core wounds to transform the pain body of the self-image/ego.
  • Remove stress from the nervous system creating safety and self-regulation to accelerate growth in your life.
  • Use theta and alpha brain states and somatic practices to support integration and wholeness.
  • Navigate the personality’s operating system for spiritual and psychological health. Learn how the body keeps score.
  • How automatic writing and journaling connect you to your mind, body, and soul to bring insight and wisdom.

Electromagnetic field management for radiant health and well-being.

  • Understand how to amplify, clear and elevate your energy body.
  • Learn the key role of heart energy in quantum transformation.
  • Use the power of intention for distance healing, aura management, creation, and manifestation.
  • How to discover, release and transform emotional blocks to elevate the energetic field.
  • Powering Presence in group work to move beyond the boundaries of time and space.

Discover freedom, connection and wholeness.

  • Quantum leaping meditations of meaning and purpose.
  • Six key practices to sustain Soul living: Awakening, Bliss, Grounded, Pain Body, Void, Union.
  • Attracting the right people and the right resources required to fulfil any mission you undertake.
  • The heartfulness of awakening the mystic in you. 

75 hours of learning and 16 hours of supervised skills development:

  • Supervised skills development practice including delivery of 10-minute Heart/Brain Coherence Meditation.
  • 21-day Change Challenge and Power of Intention online community course, with deliverable write-up.
  • Two book reviews from the reading list.
  • Production of recording audio for Heart/Brain Coherence and Quantum Meditation.

Applicants need to have acceptable experience e.g. health professionals, coaches, yoga teachers, or working in the field of physical, mental or emotional well-being. Or demonstrate their accumulated knowledge/skills are equal to the above.

Approved Level Three Core Therapy and Post Graduate Status – Think Tree International Professional Body and Complimentary Therapists Holistic Association

Benefits – 15 CPD points

£777 Until 1st January 2024
£999 Thereafter