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next date May 20,21,22 – 2023 Lake Arrowhead, California

Spiritual Mentoring – Heartfulness Healing Technique Teacher Training Programme

On this three day Spiritual Mentoring programme you will work closely with me as your host and coach. The next Spiritual mentoring programme will be in

Today I will be unlimited

“Enough of the drop

Enough of the wave

Today I am the ocean

Come merge with me.”

Paula Pluck


Here’s what you will experience on your Heart Centred Spiritual Mentoring – Life Coaching Teacher Training to work with individuals and groups.

6 x 2-hour Mastermind Classes hosted by me.

6 x soul centred meditation with me.

How to open and close group sessions

6 x scripts, session overview and key learning points for your client

1 20 minute – Heartfulness Healing Om Bath

1 Rose Tea Ceremony, 1 Coca Ceremony and 1 Fire Ceremony

1 x 1-to-1 mindset mentoring sessions with peers in the group

Design and Delivery of your Unique Service Point with peers

Membership to a Private Facebook Group, with a weekly message from me.

Certificate of Completion with 6 full coaching session – templates, inquiry and scripts.

OUR syllabus

Whilst we will use tried and tested success strategies, I will be flexible to support your individual needs, and to the needs of the group. We will navigate our journey using Paula’s signature ‘Sole to Soul Living™

This course taps into mindfulness, miracles and manifestation.  It highlights with science and the mind/body connection how Heartfulness as a practice becomes a system of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.  We connect through six meditations and inquiries to illuminate the heart and mind to the path of the soul.   The training includes an in-depth understanding of the eternal loveliness of the awakened heart. It is a journey from personal to universal consciousness, leading you step by step to the activation of Presence for heart centred living.

You will learn how to meet and clear old hurts, betrayals, resentments, vows, and commitments for yourself and others that hold you back, with love and compassion. You will discover how to harmonise the brain and heart to move from survival ‘sole’ consciousness to unity ‘soul’ consciousness. This leads to manifestation from the heart and not the mind. Here the law of attraction works from the heart of feeling, supporting the development of loving and sustainable relationships, enhanced self-care and self-confidence and generally stepping into greater levels of abundance in all areas of your life.  You will also receive 6 coaching sessions to share with your clients.

Soul Centred Coaching Testimonials:

How you know you are ready to attend the 3 day fundamental training?

  • You’re seeking to embody more love and success in your life, experiencing personal growth & spiritual awakening with results driven goals and science backed programme to support you living the life of your dreams.
  • You love universal teachings and our drawn to ancient wisdom
  • You can’t get enough information on the law of attraction and want to learn how to get in flow with it, whilst learning the secrets of the ‘flaw of attraction!’
  • You’re ready for a deeper understanding of your energetic body and wish to fully activate your energy body
  • You love learning about unity consciousness, oneness, raising your vibes and working your light
  • You love to help yourself marrying psychology and spirituality to energetically embrace heartfulness healing to create a powerful impact in the body, mind & soul
  • You really want to understand your soul calling and purpose and our ready to follow your heart to take your life and your business to the next level.
  • You’re ready to tap into the universal laws which help you heal your circumstances and create the life of your dreams
  • You know your life is more about service than survival and you want to master your ego and embody your divine nature.
  • Your drawn to the feminine principal and wish to balance male and female energies.
  • You work in massage, yoga, as an entrepreneur and our heart centred in driving the success of your business and your service in the world.
  • You are open to meet clients where they are spiritually recognising many paths leads to unifying your personality with your soul e.g. crystals, tinctures, colour rays, angels, sacred geometry and divinity in your coaching practices to honour yourself, others and the planet.

Spiritual Illumination – Awakening to the reality of your being

Moving from performance and doing to presence and being through understanding at heart you are a spiritual being living in a physical body. This broadens your awareness and allows you to move from ‘sole’ separation mindset to the unity of ‘soul’ heart set.

Cleaning up your act and increasing your vibrational

Spirit to the rescue, we will bring the power and love of the spirit into old hurts and pain to achieve harmony and balance in our energetic system. With universal support we navigate the blocks in our field and rebalance the energetic system.

Thought Manifestation and The Law of Attraction

Come as you are – the heart of true acceptance – You will learn how to compassionately love your suffering and begin the process of transforming the layers of the heart until you enter the sacred space of I AM presence in the heart.  Moving from survival fear thinking to the knowing of knowing of everything as a call to love.

Become the happiest person you know

All this clearing makes you ready to create from space of love and wisdom to

truly fill your heart with peace. You can now manifest miracles in your life to truly begin living the life of your dreams.

Acceptance, illumination and your vision for living

Brand new begins call your divine loveliness to the fore and you can now start living your life from a point of power. You decide your destiny and get a clear vision for how you want to live your life.

Secrets to manifesting your desires and attracting what you need in life

Being clear on your passion, power, presence and love you access the miracles in you and create with abundance and love. You understand completely the power of the spirit in you has the ability to attract all you desire and require in life.

Awareness, Love and Service being part of healing humanity

Now that you have found your own holy grail cup and it is overflowing the natural next step is share these insights with the world giving of your time, talent or money to making the planet a better more sustainable loving space for us all.

Call Paula on 07507703854 to reserve your spot

Please bring:

  • A journal and a pen
  • A water bottle
  • A yoga mat
  • A packed lunch and snacks but there are lots of places to eat in the area
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before  training starts.  Doors will not be open until then
  • Please wear comfortable clothing
  • Herbal teas, water and biscuits will be provided for break


I am delighted to offer a sliding scale for our 3 month mentoring programme. Please pay whatever matches your current needs and budget.

Need Help £555 GBP (inc VAT) ​

Normal Fee £777 GBP (inc VAT)

Refund Policy: Training course registrations will not be confirmed until registration is complete and billing information is received in full.

In order to cancel or reschedule a confirmed training please submit an email request info@smartfouondations.co.uk.

Please submit all cancellation requests within 60 calendar days of registration and no later than 30 days prior to the scheduled course date in order to receive a full refund of paid registration fees.

People who do not turn up and cancellations not made within the specified cancellation period will incur the full cost of registration.

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