SMART Growing Your Business Coaching

13/14 September 2021, Brighton

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Growing Your Business – Success Coaching

Powerful Tools to Take Your Business To The Next Level & Create a Life You’ll Love

Join Kush Kumar (former Chair of The Complementary Therapists Association and Current CEO Think Tree) and Paula Pluck (Founder SMART Foundations) to take your business to the next level.

Build a successful business or bring your spiritual principles into your career rooted in our proven, experiential down to earth training. Brand your business and branch out from a solid foundation to create success, passion and authentic service for your business.  You will learn how to combine the practical and the spiritual into your business for success.

Central to the idea of spirituality in business is to bring compassion into our operations by aligning to our personal values and beliefs, our relationships with others and our connections to the natural world, and beyond.

The course leads you down a path of self-exploration whilst still exploring your connection with others as the very heart of your business’s success.

When you attend you’ll get …

2 days manifestation mentoring

You’ll enjoy 2 days of live training with Kush and Paula experts in the fields of personal growth and complementary therapies industry.

Step by Step Grow my business guidance

Whether your business is an idea or fully formed, this training will help you get clear around your Unique Service Point so you can start making a real impact with your clients and the kind of money you know will change your life enhancing your feelings of happiness, success and purpose.

How to make your vision a reality

How to reach a larger audience and learn great ways to get what you do seen and heard by industry leaders, influencers and the customers and clients who will love what you do.

Harnessing the law of attraction

You’ll get top tools for expanding your business with spiritual ‘know how’ that will help you create a successful and abundant flow of clients you’ll and who will love your work.

Gain industry recognition

A community of like-minded people who are there to support and encourage you every step of the way. How to gain industry recognition and course approval

Bonus evening q&A

A success inspired conversation with Paula and Kush not only throughout the weekend but a bonus evening chat too.

Success The inside out treatment

Success in life calls for a daily reflection practice and spiritual exercises that will help you step into in your presence and share your success with the world by doing what you love. Success consciousness will call you to let go of the past and create space for building the business and life of your dreams.

To enhance the process you can join a private community and get support, from your peer group knowing you can share honestly in a safe space and get excited about your success! For the full syllabus click here

Please bring:

  • A journal and a pen
  • A water bottle
  • A yoga mat
  • A packed lunch and snacks but there are lots of places to eat in the area
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before  training starts.  Doors will not be open until then
  • Please wear comfortable clothing
  • Herbal teas, water and biscuits will be provided for break

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