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Build Your spiritually rooted business that feeds your soul and creates abundance.

Build a successful business or bring your spiritual principles into your career rooted in our proven, experiential down to earth training. Brand your business and branch out from a solid foundation to create success, passion and authentic service for your business.  You will learn how to combine the practical and the spiritual into your business for success.

Central to the idea of spirituality in business is to bring compassion into our operations by aligning to our personal values and beliefs, our relationships with others and our connections to the natural world, and beyond.

The course leads you down a path of self-exploration whilst still exploring your connection with others as the very heart of your business’s success.  The course covers eight modules and gives you a grounding in the following areas:

Module One with Paula:   How to clear the blocks that keep you from owning your purpose.  Strengthen your self-belief and experience personal growth.

  • Begin with the end in mind.  Re-engineering the path so you know exactly the next steps you need to take to get your message to market.
  • Identify your resistance and fears around success
  • How to create desire without attachment and intention without tension
  • Clearing out old beliefs from the subconscious that limit your vision

Module Two with Kush:  How to create highly Successful Habit Building – Creating Confidence, accepting you can earn big for your great work. This shows you how to stay motivated and inspired, even when it gets tough while designing the business that makes you love life.

  • How to stop nurturing your old habits (unsuccessful) and choosing your response with success intelligence
  • Inspiration and techniques that seed your potential and grow your success
  • How to create an inventory that puts first things first – the action plan for growing your business

Module Three with Paula:   How to move from Performance to Presence –

  • How to move from doing to being
  • Understanding and aligning to your authentic truth/your personal mission
  • How to grow your brand and your USP Unique Service Point.
  • The values that drive you to share your gifts to serve others in meaningful ways.

Module Four with Kush:   How to embody charisma, confidence and passion to actually do what you dream of.  Using the umbrella of our marketing mix Presence, People, Place, Promotion, Product and Price

  • Communicating your Products and Services creating the Plan
  • Turning the Plan into the Pitch
  • How to design programs people will love to buy – creating incentive/motivation
  • How to attract that audience to you. You will also learn to set your energy and work with a room.

Module Five with Paula:  Understand how to manifest with ease –

  • Learning how to harness the power of the law of attraction
  • How to tune into the vibrations of success, liberate your talents and attract more effortless success
  • Understanding your heart leads you to inspiration, creativity and how your happiness and well-being bring success.
  • The magical blue print for bringing your dreams to life.

Module Six with Kush:   Educational Excellence to deepen authentic success covering:

  • ·How to ensure your brand shines with integrity, professionalism, quality and value.
  • The marketing mix that will get people talking about you
  • Compliance for greatness
  • Getting your course approved by industry experts
  • Business tips that support successful operations

Module Seven with Paula: Embodying the business – sharing success intelligence, living and working from the heart.

  • How to move into alignment with grace and flow as our business grows
  • Embracing Success and truly knowing what it means for you
  • Ways to give back and be in flow with the giving and receiving of abundance

Module Eight with Kush:  Learn how to be seen and heard with powerful method for marketing, publicity and social media.

  • Understand your social media landscape and your circle of influence
  • Build a long and short term social media plan that aligns to business objectives
  • Embrace the new digital landscape for PR activity and deliver effective content to engage audience
  • Pitching your next steps and taking action…


Applicants need to:  Have acceptable qualifications, in related areas e.g. business professionals, HR professionals, well-being consultants, coaches and those bringing spirituality to their business brand.  The training has open to individuals with a passion for providing a meaningful service working in the field of physical, mental or emotional well-being.  Or be able to demonstrate that their accumulated knowledge and skills is equal to the requirements of the above.  Learners with SMART Relaxation, Meditation Mindfulness / Heartfulness Healing will be automatically accepted.

Complementary Therapists Association

CThA Approved Advanced Training Status – 10 CPD Points


All students that obtain a CThA Approved Advanced Training qualification will automatically be accepted as members.

All Approved Core Therapy therapies are automatically accepted for addition to the professional’s register of treatments and will be covered by our insurance.

Cost:    £495.00