Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training Courses

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Meet Paula Pluck

Paula PluckPaula Pluck works with a variety of clients who are passionate about bringing more meaning into their professional and personal life. The majority of Paula’s career has been focused on helping people to adjust to change.

She is the author of ‘If I change so can the world,’ ‘The Mindful Well-being Coach Programme,’ ‘The Mindful Happiness Coach Programme and ‘You’ve Got The Power.’

Her passion is to promote wellness, contentment, success, health and happiness.  She has practiced meditation and mindfulness for 27 years as part of a spiritual community, The White Eagle Lodge and she led services, absent and contact healing groups, meditation and discussion groups as a leader/facilitator regionally for 21 years.

Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training

Why not start your Relaxation Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training Today.

Our teacher training establishes teachers in Mindfulness and Meditation techniques to meet the growing demand for highly trained and accredited meditation and mindfulness teachers throughout the UK including: the Midlands, South West, Wales, North West, South Yorkshire, London and the South East.

One of the real benefits of training with the SMARTfoundations Institute of Mindful Well-being offers Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Training which is fully externally accredited by Think Tree Hub Professional Education Accreditor and approved by the Association of Complimentary Therapists and Federation of Holistic Healers.