Resilience, Mindfulness and Well-being Coaching For Children

This is a wonderful fun and interactive way to enhance emotional literacy and resilience for young people.  We give you a thorough understanding of stress management, relaxation and resilience, using mindfulness and positive psychology practice and techniques to share in the classroom or at home.   Through exploring practical activities which are simple and experiential, participants will have a ‘toolkit’ to facilitate and help young people use these skills for themselves.  This certified advanced training gives you 24 twenty minute Lesson Plans linking to PSHE, Citizenship and individual community values.

” Well-being is a skill that can be learned & cultivated, when we develop this skill we change the physical structure of the brain to create more healing pathways. Well-being emerges when we create connections in our lives.”
– Daniel J Siegel  MD 2014

Stress can trigger states of anxiety, sadness and distress which affect our ability to focus and learn – our course is designed to help them deal with these normal emotions and give them the skills to navigate negative emotional states whilst learning to feel calmer, happier and T successful in learning to trust their own abilities and creativity.

The 8 modular course, for children and young people is designed to enhance and support skills in:


Sharing great relaxation skills for self-soothing and creating inner calm to enhance happiness and well-being by introducing the mind body connection.  We give you eight sessions for promoting a calm and relaxed classroom.  From meditation to mindful movement we share super tools for a great learning environment.


Building Resilience is pivotal to the success of your programme so we give you fantastic ideas for helping your young people cope under pressure, manage their moods, potential stressors and the arising anxiety that result from worry.


Exploring talents and skills including kindness and empathy we look at some simple, fun and effective ways of improving confidence and self esteem.  Using values guides, acceptance and mindfulness we navigate the signs of physical, mental and emotional well-being.  We also link how our well-being can be contagious and sharing the happiness bug with those around us.


Science based understanding of how they can improve their ability to focus and learn.  Building on the science of how the brain works we also give you the tools to teach enhancing creativity and support recall of all the great knowledge stored in their brain.


Improving well-being and tapping into feelings of happiness we lean on the core skills of breath awareness linking to self-awareness and inner chatter that elicits happy hormones.  Through experiential activities we highlight how well-being includes what we eat, our physical exercise, how we notice the world around us and how we connect to ourselves, others and the planet.


Each delegate receives an Educator’s Guide with an overview of the 24 sessions and background information.  This guide includes session aims, resources needed, timings, preparation and top tips.  We use evidence- based strategies which have been proven to help children and support them with emotional and behavioural challenges.  £695 – 100 discount for teachers

This training is for teachers, teaching assistants, learning mentors, health and social care workers and anyone who works with children in schools or community settings. GET YOUR FULL SYLLABUS HERE