paulaPaula Pluck
Health and Well-being Director SMARTfoundations

Paula Pluck is a writer, coach and teacher trainer in the field of Stress Management, Mindfulness, Meditation and Well-being.  She coaches leaders in business, health and education and she is the author of The Mindful Well-being Audio series.

Founder of SMARTfoundations Mindful Well-being Training Center, designed to enhance your health and well-being by bringing the magic of inquiry and mindfulness to mainstream personal development.  Her passion is to promote wellness, contentment, success, health and happiness.  She has practiced meditation and mindfulness for 27 years as part of a spiritual community and was a leader/facilitator regionally in that period for 21 years.  Her devotional path led to developing training for a secular audience and in the last 17 years she has taught meditation and mindfulness as competency based as part of her SMART Living life skills personal development coaching programmes.

A key part of her work is helping people move beyond fear, anxiety and worry by improving self-belief; resilience; transforming self-talk through giving people the understanding that they have a say in their levels of health,  well-being and success by how they think, act and speak.

Paula is a keen advocate of Self Care and Self Management and supports Health Promotion in society and thinks all people deserve a say in their individual Health and Well-being.   She is also a yoga teacher trained in CBT, Hypnotherapy, Success Coaching and Endorphin Effect Coaching.