WELCOME to our HEALTHY BITES sessions from our WELLNESS MENU which include practical guidance and are fun, interactive and based on group discussions. Choose from a selection of  90 minute stress management and lifestyle workshops below.

Healthy Bites – Wheel of Life – Self Management

  1. Creating a better work / life balance
  2. Self Assessment of work / life balance
  3. Discovering where it can get better, what is unbalanced for you
  4. Re-balancing your life
  5. Give me time!  Making effective use of work time / personal time

Healthy Bites – A Holiday for the Mind – Self Management

  1. Progressive Relaxation – releasing stress from your mind and body
  2. Stress and the mental, emotional, physical and environmental causes
  3. Exploring how stress affects your mind and body
  4. Combating the negative effects of stress
  5. Empowering relaxation techniques to calm both mind and body

Healthy Bites – It’s all in the wiring – Self Management

  1. The power of positive thinking
  2. How does positive thought affect your mind and body?
  3. What is in your wiring?  Explore your mental bank balance
  4. Recognising and breaking patterns, how to change negatives into positives
  5. Positive Mental Health – Key Tips for remaining positive as much as possible

Healthy Bites – Mental Toughness – Resilience – Self Management

  1. Emotional Control
  2. Internal dialogue and negative influences
  3. How well do I manage my emotions?
  4. Emotional triggers and responses
  5. Pattern breaking and alternative endings

Healthy Bites – The Big Chill – Self Management!

  1. Relaxation and wellbeing techniques
  2. Tell me the facts on stress
  3. Breath awareness for improved health and relaxation
  4. Stretching techniques to alleviate aches and pains
  5. Powerful relaxation techniques to use when under pressure

Healthy Bites – Mind Massage- Self Management!

  1. Introducing meditation and visualisation based stress reduction
  2. What are the benefits of meditation and visualisation?
  3. Using mindfulness and meditation for quick and easy stress reduction
  4. If happiness is from within where do I find it?
  5. Easy ways to incorporate the techniques into your daily routine
  6. Guided meditation for health and healing

Healthy Bites – You Are What You Eat – Self Management

  1. What is a balanced diet?
  2. What foods add to our stress levels and in excess are bad for us?
  3. What foods help us fight the effects of stress?
  4. The importance of water
  5. Starting the day the healthy way
  6. Small dietary changes for increased energy and sense of wellbeing

Healthy Bites – Let’s Get Physical – Self Management

  1. The importance of physical activity
  2. The benefits of exercise.
  3. How much exercise and how often?
  4. Finding time for exercise.
  5. Different exercise options available to us?
  6. Exercise that can be done during the work day
  7. We combine this session with a yogafusion class – a mixture of yoga and pilates.

Healthy Bites – The Mindful Stress Manager – Self Management!

  1. Getting workplace health right
  2. Dealing effectively with stress at work
  3. Improving health and avoiding burnout
  4. Creating healthy habits
  5. Effective de-stress and relaxation methods for the office

Healthy Bites – DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Training – Self Management

A Smartfoundations Wellness Advisor delivers a 30 minute presentation containing all relevant information and advice on:

  • Workstations and regulations
  • Health risks explained (musculoskeletal disorders, stress, etc)
  • Seated posture and chair set-up
  • Equipment features and set-up
  • Exploring the impact of environment and work routines
  • Pain prevention stretches and exercises

For up to 8 employees to attend the above information sharing session allowing practical training in the working environment, plus a 20 minute individual session where employees  have the opportunity to identify risks associated with their specific tasks and discuss them with an expert.  (This takes 3hrs to complete and requires 50 minutes from all participants.)