Meet Marta and her vision for SMART YOUNG MINDS 


Hello, I’m Marta, a Senior Consultant and the lead trainer for SMART Young Minds Mindfulness, Resilience & Well-being Teacher Training for Schools. My goal is to teach mindfulness to 160,000 kids, through a network of teachers and schools.  As a mum and a trained life coach I am passionate about the wellbeing of children and building their resilience from the early years and I am excited about bringing mindfulness into schools and everyday life.   

Who is Marta? 

I’ve always enjoyed learning, mostly about the human mind and behaviour. I obsessively collect self-development books and I love trying out the new things I learn, mostly on my beloved partner, Steve (who is often my ‘guinea pig’). l like exploring new places, mostly islands, and great food.  I love spending time with my daughter, playing silly games and being 7 with her again. I wind down with yoga, Pilates, long bath and a good book. 

Why this Career? 

I started my mindfulness journey after work-related burnout. It was a frightening experience at the peak of my 10th-year corporate career. I was desperate to find something to help me with stress and this is when I first trained as a relaxation instructor with SMARTfoundations Institute of Mindful Well-being.  I then trained as kids’ teacher to have the tools to teach my daughter, Amelia. It all went from there, really. I absolutely love working with kids especially when Amelia comes with me. I get so much buzz, energy and satisfaction knowing that I am helping those little human beings have happier lives.  

Meet Gerard, the website designer

Gerard Evans
young gerard

Hi, I’m Gerard Evans and I look after this website for Paula, as well as her general web presence (SEO, Google Ads and all that stuff). I’m also a qualified mindfulness & wellbeing teacher (including various SMARTfoundations qualifications) and I’m presently co-presenting various podcasts with Paula bout mindfulness & meditation matters called Sole to Soul.

Helping you help

I’m passionate about helping people who help, which is why I specialise in websites and consultancy for mindfulness teachers, psychotherapists and related fields – to help you get found on the internet and make proper connections with prospective clients via professional, functioning websites that work. If you’d like help, you can find me here.

I’m also human…

When I’m not doing all that, I enjoy watching football, listening to music (well, punk rock) and playing chess.