Are You Dancing Into Your Best Future? 

Here in the UK, we are building up to the Christmas Strictly Come Dancing Final and it made me think it’s time that I won the daily dance-off with my limiting beliefs!

Stay with me –  I love watching Strictly Come Dancing, it just makes me smile. It’s also an amazing example of how we are not just passive participants in the grand dance of life, we are the choreographer as well as the dancer.

Most of the contestants on the show have never danced professionally yet with commitment and drive they end up achieving greatness in dancing at varying levels.  Each dancer is living proof, uncovering a cosmic secret that unveils the profound connection between our thoughts, emotions and actions which create the intricate dance that moves us away from or toward our dreams.

We are not merely spectators in our lives we are constantly setting the stage for a profound interplay between our inner world and the universe at large. 

I love how neuroscience and quantum physics are consistently revealing that we have the power to shape our reality. This is so awe-inspiring, and it proves anyone, no matter their starting point, can embark on a journey that will ignite a new passion for life, elevate their mindset and unleash their full potential in any given area.  In the transformational coaching world, we call this the intentional blueprint for the person you’re destined to become…

We are not merely spectators in our lives we are constantly setting the stage for a profound interplay between our inner world and the universe at large.  We could say your intentional blueprint is the Role of a Star Attitude, in life. But what exactly is that…?

Well, it is the drive to be the very best that you can be in creating a new way of being. It permeates every aspect of life, everything you do is directed toward, and considered in terms of, how it might affect the happiness and freedom you want to create in life. When we get clear on our intention and make it our central focus and motivation to live it, we can’t help but make it happen. Like the dancers on Strictly, we must show up and train our mind and body into a Star Attitude.  It’s about knowing the food we eat, the company we keep, our exercise routines, personal development and spiritual awakening all need the effort to develop holistic greatness in our lives.

Commitment comes with the understanding that we are not just a daily practice but what we do beyond it has equal importance for the rest of the day.  To perform at our highest potential, we need to employ every resource available to us to be the living breathing embodiment of our deepest desires.

The inspiring truth is, you absolutely have the power to create a new life ahead of the game! 

Our universe is impersonal and impartial, and it gives us what we believe we can have. This means we have the power to start creating feelings of abundance to attract wealth or feelings of wholeness to embrace radiant health now.  We are choosing to feel the emotions before the curtain even rises, we’re triggering a resonance within our body, getting it comfortable with our new way of being so it’s ready to transcend the old self.

Each time we bring our intention to the present moment we can unlock the version of ourselves that is untouchable, spiritual and divine.  Meaning we get to bring the abundance of our Soul into our life right now.  Making a cosmic shift in our very essence, a spiritual awakening which cannot be hoodwinked by our senses.  Our Star Attitude knows our conscious mind might be completely up for it, but our body is stuck in a loop of old conditioning and habits. This is where the art of self-regulation takes centre stage. Mastery over our emotional states isn’t just a mental game it’s a biochemical and energetic dance that undulates through us and our surroundings.

How is the stage of your life looking? Are you discovering your True Self?

If so, welcome to the daily dance off, with your old conditioning.  It’s time to throw your shoulders back, put on your best smile and dance like your life depends on it!  Because it does … This one precious life depends on you to make your desired changes happen.

You start by asking what are the barriers (limiting beliefs) that are standing between me and the infinite dance (presence of love) with the quantum field.  Your daily quest is now more about how I can get in alignment with the boundless possibilities of my humanly divine potential. Keep a grateful heart, gratitude is the wonderful fuel that opens our hearts, minds and bodies to joy and sweet potential.

If your life is not panning out how you had hoped it would. trust in the fact, that you have the potential to change it. YOU have that power!

I trust that you will emerge with your version of greatness in life’s daily dance of showing up for yourself. In support, I’ve created this short meditation for you to start anchoring in your great potential now.

For best results, listen with headphones as there are binaural beats within it!