Going For Gold Dame Kelly Holmes Style!
Plus a Deep Meditation for Clarity…

In recent years, many of us have faced unprecedented challenges, requiring us to strengthen our trust and resilience in ourselves…

I’ve observed a growing trend among my clients of self-doubt and second-guessing. In response, I’m encouraging them to tap into the profound wisdom of their hearts, shifting away from the constant chatter of the mind.

Now I’m preparing to launch my podcast, sharing a free weekly class and meditation on Spotify and Apple.  I am also in the final edit of my new book. Plus, I was also nominated for the Inspiring Woman Awards as a Mentor.  I can tell you I have been feeling stretched at a time when the universe seems to just be compelling me to have a sacred pause!  Not great timing but I had to listen and move all my project deadlines 2 weeks on. Here I am with the fabulous Dame Kelly Holmes, who gave a wonderful speech on trust and resilience at the event. I didn’t win but what a wonderful acknowledgement just to have a seat at the table!

She reminded us about how important it is to be our true selves to speak from the heart.  Honest and authentic, accepting our personal struggles and our inspiring triumphs.  She counselled everyone who has battled in life as a champion (I guess that is all of us!) I loved what she said. “Realise you can be whoever you want to be.” And “Make it your Olympic year this Year.” Adding in particular, to women “You be You. Stand up and fight the fight, support each and believe in yourself.”

She talked about us all having a ‘bit of gold’ inside of us and that we should go for it!  I just loved how she related resilience and trust is born of going for that ‘bit of gold.’  She advised us “We all have ‘A BIT OF GOLD’ something deep inside of us we can share with others.” How often do you ponder on your bit of gold, that wonderful unique talent that comes to you effortlessly and joyously?

I would say mine is helping people connect to their inner higher purpose. Who can you support today to be more of themselves and how can you support yourself to be more YOU?

When we connect back to the Soul, we feel our inherent power.  The peace, joy and love found within us, here I don’t mind my deadlines have moved!  Here are some tips to help you deepen your trust in yourself, others and the universe…  
Practice self-awareness: Take gentle pauses to delve into the depths of your being, exploring your thoughts, emotions, and actions with tender curiosity. Power presence in the centre of your heart to embrace your unique strengths and lovingly acknowledge areas for growth.
Set boundaries: Tenderly carve out sacred spaces that honour your values and priorities. Honour your own needs and boundaries, knowing that they are worthy of respect.
Listen to your intuition: Tune into the gentle whispers of your soul, trusting the guidance that emanates from the depths of your being. Trust your gut instincts and embrace the gentle nudges of your inner wisdom. Ask yourself is this behaviour or thinking helpful or harmful to my wellness?
Celebrate your achievements: Shower yourself with love and appreciation, celebrating each little win and victory along the way. This is your precious life, so make sure to acknowledge your successes, allowing them to kindle the flame of self-esteem within your heart.
Communicate openly: Engage in heartfelt conversations that bare your soul, allowing the authentic essence of your being to shine forth. Be YOU. Honesty and vulnerability from the heart generate true connection. Have fun, hug and bond in friendship open-heartedly.
Practice active listening: Cultivate the art of deep listening, immersing yourself fully and being present in another’s heart. Extend the golden threat of empathy and understanding, allowing compassion to weave connection.
Practice Gratitude: Engaging in gratitude practices triggers the release of “feel-good” hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin, in the brain. This physiological response is linked to reduced levels of anxiety and depression, as well as increased resilience and overall well-being. Research suggests that simply listing three blessings daily can have profound effects on mental health.
Let go of attachment: Release the heavy burden of attachment, surrendering the illusion of control to the loving hands of the universe. Trust that each twist and turn of your journey is orchestrated with divine precision.
Embrace uncertainty: Life is uncertain, and we can’t control everything, but we determine how we meet each moment of our life, for instance, with compassion and an open heart.
Connect with nature: Immerse yourself in the sacred embrace of nature. Trust in the timeless wisdom of the earth, knowing that its beauty and majesty reflect the infinite love and abundance of the universe.